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British Woman Arrested over Abuse of Muslim Group on London Bus

SHAFAQNA – A British woman was detained by police and framed charges of a racially aggravated public order offence after she racially abused a Muslim group on a London bus.

The dilemma started when a footage showing a woman’s anti-Muslim tirade on a London bus was uploaded to Facebook.

The video was filmed on a bus in north-west London and uploaded on Facebook by a person, who wrote, “Yesterday I was out with my mum and this happens.”

Another commentator added: “Muslims are being abused, harassed and threatened on the bus. #Islamophobia.”

It starts with a woman in the middle of a rant. She’s shouting and swearing at a pregnant Muslim woman, and threatening to kick her in the stomach.

The abusive woman goes on to lob several insults, calling the other woman an ISIS supporter, a suicide bomber and saying: “go back to your country.”

At one point the bus driver stops the bus and tries to calm the woman down – to no avail. When the bus starts up again the confrontation escalates.

The video was viewed more than 750,000 times before it was taken down or blocked on Friday morning (it’s unclear who took it down and why).

The incident sparked criticism on social networks.

“This behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated on our network,” Mike Weston, Transport for London (TfL)’s Director of Buses told Daily Mirror on Saturday.

“Passengers who use our services should be allowed to do so without fear of abuse and we are working closely with Metroline and the police to fully investigate this incident.

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