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Brother of Sheikh Al Nimr : we lost contact with Sheikh Nimr and his execution will escalate unrest

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Teaseer brother of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr said, “The ruling regime in Saudi Arabia his not approach with the Sheikh’s family after the death of King Abdullah, and now we do not know where is Sheikh Nimr in somewhere, which cause of great concern for his family.” He stressed his brother Sheikh Nimr in a statement to “Fars news agency ” on Sunday “because of lack of information about Sheikh Nimr ‘” . He added that “Regime knows that the execution of Sheikh Nimr may be a dangerous precedent in the history of Saudi Arabia and seismic trigger in public anger.” Teaseer Said  “The regime accuses Sheikh with the help of terrorists and inciting unrest and now he wants to implement the execution,” noting that “the death sentence awarded without the slightest right, as the Sheikh enjoining what is good and forbids evil, and demanded the rights of his people oppressed by regime” he says.He said that “actions carried out by the Saudi government against his brother are illegal and violate even criminal laws in the country.”

Mohamed Brother of Sheikh Nimr announced last Thursday on his account in Twitter they visited Sheikh and the latter told them that he underwent surgery in Ha’ir political prison in Riyadh clinic, and surgery continued for 12 minutes to extract the bullet was sustained during his arrest in 2012.

Image Source : Bahrain Alyoum

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