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Burial of Torn Corpses and Conjoined Twins: The Fatwas of Grand Ayatullah Fayyaz

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Fayyad فیاض

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatullah Muhammad Ishaq Fayyaz has answered some questions about practices of the burial of the dead. It is best for believers to refer to their own religious reference to receive the legal decision on their affairs.


Question: Is performing Tayammum different for living and dead?

Answer: There is no difference between living and dead in performing Tayammum.


Question: A Muslim was buried in a Muslim cemetery away from his homeland about 35 years ago. Currently, the cemetery is to be demolished for building a house or a park. Can his heirs transfer his bones to his hometown and bury him there?

Answer: If keeping him in that place involves disrespect for the believer’s corpse, then his bones can be moved to another place.


Question: Is giving Ghusl to the dead body by our Sunni brothers permissible?

Answer: [In case it is done,] repetition of the Ghusl is not necessary.


Question: With regard to those whose bodies are torn asunder because of explosions like mines, suicide bombings, etc., and possibly, the severed organs of their bodies are mixed with the ones of others’, and are impossible to be recognized, how the obligation of Ghusl and Kafan and burial should be performed?

Answer: In case some parts of the body, such as the chest, exist, so that it is sufficient to validate the existence of a dead, all religious sentences such as Ghusl, shrouding, praying, and burial would be obligatory and should be performed, and otherwise, the obligations should be performed in a precautionary manner.

Question: If a twin who are conjoined at their waist and back die, how should they be buried?

Answer: Performing the obligations of shrouding (Kafan) and burial to one of the two is sufficient.



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