Buying arms: Saudia under fear of Iran and IS

Saudi monarchs have been under immense pressure due to looming threat of ISIS. On the other hand it has been obsessed with neighboring Iran. Saudia has been battered by the ongoing talks between Iran and P 5+1. In order to counter both the threats Saudia not only demanded of Pakistan to send her troop and even tried to buy the nukes. Apart from these measures it has become a greatest importer of the arms in the world. “Saudi Arabia overtook India in 2014 as the world’s biggest importer of defence equipment, fuelled by tensions in the Middle East, according to a study published on Sunday by respected analysts IHS Jane’s. Global defence trade currently stands at $64.4 billion, said the report from the London-based defence specialists.” The figure has been driven by “unparallelled demand from the emerging economies for military aircraft and an escalation of regional tensions in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Saudia’s main exporter is US, who despite arms imbroglio on Saudia continuously selling out sophisticated weapons to Saudia in order to contain the Iran, who has increased the range, accuracy and destructiveness of its arms. The U.S. is realigning its defense policies in the Gulf as Iran improves the range and accuracy of missiles and other weapons that could threaten Israel or U.S. allies in Europe. Besides the Saudi deal, the U.S. has pending or proposed arms sales to Saudia, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, and has repositioned some U.S. forces and military assets around the Gulf. Between 2009 and 2013, Saudi Arabia and the UAE each received thousands of guided bombs from the USA. Saudi Arabia also received hundreds of air-launched Storm Shadow cruise missiles (with a range of approximately 300 kilometres) from the UK. Mounted on combat aircraft, and combined with refuelling airplanes acquired from Spain, the range of these cruise missiles could cover most of Iran. In 2013 the USA was, for the first time, willing to negotiate the sale of hundreds of AGM-84H missiles to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Bahrain and the UAE also received surface-to-surface missiles from the US. Meanwhile Iran has partly compensated for not being able to import long-range combat aircraft by producing its own ballistic missiles.

Saudis obsession with the Iran has led it to adopt self destructive policies. Saudi economy has been suffering a set back after decline in the oil prices across the world and now spending billions on arms would definitely result in the nosedive economy.

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