Calls for Relief from Rohingya Muslims Following a New Wave of Violence

SHAFAQNA-  A Rohingya woman from Hansurata village in Arakan province has appealed to Muslims and the world to intervene to stop the ongoing aggression against the Rohingyas by Myanmar security forces.

The woman reported through a recorded voice clip for the agency that many of the men were killed and assaulted by members of the security forces; dozens of women and children were trapped inside their homes in a state of anticipation and fear of being subjected by troops at any moment.

On the other hand, a video was send to the agency via its correspondent south of the city of Maungdaw, showing the Rohingya villages are burning after the security forces set fire to the houses of the Rohingya although there is no information on number of deaths or casualties so far.

The Myanmar authorities have announced this morning they killed 59 Rohingya following armed clashes between the parties.

According to Arakan News Agency correspondents, paratroopers were brought down by the Myanmar army helicopter in villages. Other army units encircled the perimeter of the village, burning dozens of houses, killing young men and forcibly removing children and women.

One of the civilians said that some members of the army specialized in the destruction of supplies. While others are devoted to killing men, especially young people and others get women and children out of the village to unknown places.

The Rohingya activists called upon the Islamic countries, humanitarian and media organizations to intervene immediately to help Rohingya Muslims.

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