Can anyone learn the exalted names of God?

SHAFAQNA – Omar ibn Hanzaleh who was a close companion, told Imam Baqer (AS): I have a request that I want you grant it. Imam (AS) asked: What is your request? Hanzaleh replied: Teach me the exalted names of Allah (SWT). Imam (AS) asked: Can you tolerate to learn that? hanzaleh replied : Yes. Then Imam (AS) said: Go inside the room, and Imam (AS) followed. Then Imam Baqer (AS) placed his holy hand on the ground (earth), suddenly the house turned dark and all my body started to shake. Imam (AS) asked: What is it? Do you still wish to learn the exalted names of God? Hanzaleh replied: No, then Imam Baqer (AS) lifted his blessed hand from the ground and the house returned to normal situation as before[1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 46, Page 235.

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