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Can God’s satisfaction of the human being be assessed?

SHAFAQNA – Mo’adh Ibn Jabal narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Allah (SWT) said: O’ the child of Adam, due to My Will (God’s will) you have become someone who does whatever your soul wants, and due to My Will, your soul determines, and because of My Grace, you have been able to disobey, and due to My Aspiration, Forgiveness, and Blessing, you perform religious duties. Therefore, I am more deserving in being good for you, and you are more prone to committing sins, and being rebellious. So, the good which gets to you from Me (God) is due to the virtues that you have shown. And the unpleasant you get from Me is due to your betrayal. I (God) have never stopped warning you, and have never asked you anything that is more than your ability. I am satisfied with you to the same extent that you are satisfied with Me (God), and will never punish you unless for whatever (wrong) you have committed [1].

[1] Sokhan-e-Khoda, Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Transalation by Dhikrollah Ahmadi, Page 66.

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