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Can the human being be without any friends during life time?

SHAFAQNA – Aristotle’s said: The human being needs friends in any condition, to be a companion for him/her in happy times as well as give help to him/her in difficult times. I swear on my life that rich and able people need friends to help them and the poor people also need friends to help them. The children must be taught that no one is able to live without friend; even if that person is the owner of the world. And the one who considers kindness insignificant is a small person himself/herself and thinks that he/she can carry on without friends; in my opinion the importance of the real/true friend is higher than all the treasures of Qaroon, and the reserves of kings, and all the precious jewels and whatever is on the planet earth [1].

[1] Ayeen-e-Zendegy az Didgahe Imam Reza (AS), Mohsen Ketabchi, Ahamiyate Moa’sherat dar Zendegye Insan.

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