Can pilgrims move out of Mina on the 12th night? The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi Zanjani answered a question about moving out of Mina on the 12th night.

Question: Some Hajj companies want to move groups of pilgrims on the 12th night after midnight, and take them to hotels, and then return to Mina only for throwing stones (at Satan), and those who are not able to, can nominate a replacement; is this act allowed?

The Grand Ayatollah Shobairi: Although there is no problem in moving out of Mina temporarily on the 12th night for someone who is staying there until after midnight, and as the religious authorities (Foqaha) emphasized, it is the duty of the pilgrim to stay (there) during the night, and also not to move out of there before noon. Therefore, they cannot gather their belongings and move out of Mina; as mentioned in some narrations, the one who gathers his/her belongings before noon on the 12th day is considered as to be as moving out.


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