How can we test our beliefs?

SHAFAQNA – Without doubt, leaders of the religion are the protectors of the religion, and guardians of peoples’ beliefs [1]. On the other hand, the best way to eradicate moral and social corruption is to improve people’s level of culture and belief [2]. Therefore, to clarify this point, Imam Reza (AS) narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Belief is the recognition/acknowledgement by the heart, and confession by the tongue, and action by parts of the body; in fact these are considered to be the elements of belief [3].

To clarify this point, it must be said that sometimes the human being does a good deed, or others do a good deed, but these good deeds do not have any effect on him/her; and sometimes he/she does a bad deed, or others do a bad deed, but these bad deeds do not have any effect on him/her, and he/she is indifferent; this is the sign of having no belief, because the reality of belief is that, it gives direction to the human being, and if it does not do that, it is clear that, it has no base [4].

In contrast, anything which is in coordination with his/her belief, is attractive to him/her, and if anything which is not coordinated with his/her belief, is disgusting to him/her. Therefore, if we want to test our belief, we can use this criterion; if we do a bad deed (during the day), and feel uneasy until night, and if we do a good deed, and whenever we see that good deed, we become happy that God has given us this success; this is the proof of our belief (uneasy about bad deed, happiness about good deed). Now with all this explanation, we get to this point that if a wrong deed happens, but the culprit feels uneasy about it in his/her heart, this unease against the sin is a phase of repentance and regret [5].

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