Canadian company hopes to make a commercial trail mix using bugs and worms

SHAFAQNA- A Winnipeg company is hoping to put its own spin on trail mix by adding some crickets, mealworms and superworms to the usual combination of nuts, seeds and fruit.

Nick Hiebert is the founder of Ecotone Foods and the creator of Roasted Insect Snack Mix, an edible insect product.

Hiebert says they decided to go with trail mix because they can leave the insects whole, which allows the consumer to see what they’re eating.

The startup company is still in its early stages, working to secure funding.

Hiebert says his bugs come from an Ontario-based company called Millennium Foods, which harvests the insects and worms and rinses them in warm water.

Co-founder Ryan Goldin says they’re then roasted at 270 degrees for a couple of hours in order to kill any potential bacteria and pathogens.

Hiebert says bugs are the food of the future.

“If the UN is right about their projections, in terms of population growth and the increasing demand for food, the switch to insects is actually inevitable,” he says.


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