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CANADIAN DEFENDERS 4 HUMAN RIGHTS call to end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia


PRESS RELEASE – Coming March 26, 2018 Saudi Arabia will have been at war with impoverished Yemen for a punitive 3 years.

Three years of an implacable and murderous military campaign that witnessed the death of over 15,000 people – of which mostly unarmed civilians; saw the destruction of civilian infrastructures to the point where Yemen’s health and sanitation systems have all but collapsed; and architected a humanitarian blockade that led to a grand famine and the spread of diseases.

Yemen’s 26 million people are in a race against time for powers greater and richer than their own seek to impose their will, and their design onto a nation whose only ambition was to stand free, sovereign and independent.

Yemen has become a terrible statistic – one of death, misery, hopelessness and devastation.

Millions stand to die … millions will die unless war is brought to an end.


World Health Organization established of the 1 million people affected by cholera 600,000 are children.

Over 2 million children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition and will not live to see their next birthday.

100,000s have been made homeless, 10,000s have been injured with no hope of adequate medical care and millions of civilians are awaiting death by starvation, diseases or war.

Red Cross President said after visiting Yemen in August 2015

“Yemen after five months looks like Syria after five years,”


For blood shed to STOP & Humanitarian aid to enter for all, weapon sales need to be halted.

If indeed it would be folly to consider arming criminals in our streets for it would put the innocent in harm’s way, then it stands to reason to refrain from arming those who have no qualms targeting women and children to better impress a point on their elected enemies.

Canada has sold weapons of war to Saudi Arabia, and on that ground alone Canada has made itself an accessory to Saudi Arabia’s crimes.

Canadian export controls prohibit the sale of arms to countries with a persistent record of serious human rights violations against their own citizens. And yet governments after governments have sanctioned the sale of weapons of war to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a country which holds an abysmal human rights track record.

The onus is now on the government of Canada to abide by Canadian law and hold those principles it says to represent, carry, and represent.


Canadian Defenders For Human Rights, in collaboration with the Yemeni Community in Canada  will call on March 26, 2018 on the government of Canada to immediately halt all such dealings of war with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their will be a protest starting at the PM Trudeau’s residence then stopping at the Global Affairs Canada then stopping at the Saudi Embassy then concluding at the Parliament Hill marking the 3rd Year anniversary of the devastating  Saudi war on broken nation of Yemen, also there is a FORMAL LETTER that was drafted by the Yemeni Community in Canada that was endorsed by many Canadian credible Organizations and Individuals such as Amnesty International that will be submitted on that day. You can find the letter and endorsements on their official website at  

We believe that life is worth protecting – not because it has political value, not because it is reasonable or even honorable, but because doing otherwise would be to forfeit our humanity, and our own claim to a life free of harm and dangers.

Join us in our stand this March 26, 2018 at 2pm in front of PM Trudeau’s residence in Ottawa (Canada). Our march will conclude before Parliament at 111 Wellington St.


Justice is the base that supports the Whole World…

We are working for (justice)


For further information please get in touch with:


Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (Non-Profit Org) –


Yemeni Community Canada (Non-Profit Org) –

Firas Al Najim

Human Rights Activist

Twitter:  @yemenicanada

Instagram: @yemenicanada

Facebook: @yemenicanada


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