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Catalonia election: Muslim woman on a political mission

SHAFAQNA – “It’s sad to turn on the television and never see a black face or an Arab personality,” says Najat Driouech, who is likely to become Catalonia’s first female Muslim MP.

She says she is used to being a pioneer, as the first girl from her community to have won a literary prize and gone to university.

“I don’t want my children to suffer half of what their grandparents suffered, or a quarter of what I had. I want them to find a society that is inclusive, equal and recognises diversity.”

She arrived in Catalonia from Morocco with her parents as a nine-year-old, in 1990. She has been a community worker for her local council in Masnou, a town outside Barcelona, for 17 years.

She is campaigning in the midst of a political crisis sparked by the former Catalan government’s illegal declaration of independence. The new regional election, called by the Spanish government, is on Thursday.

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