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Shafaqna Collection: Imamate and Teachings of Imam Ali (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- The 21st of Ramadhan is the anniversary of martyrdom…

Muslim women protest proposed French ban; hands off my Hijab!

SHAFAQNA- Sixteen year-old Mariem Chourak is a devout Muslim…
Surah al-Qadr, Laylat al-Qadr

Spiritual significance of Laylatul Qadr

SHAFAQNA- Laylatul Qadr is a celebration to commemorate the arrival…

Britain's first Hijab-wearing firefighter urges other Muslim women to follow her

SHAFAQNA- Uroosa Arshid says she gets some confused looks from…

Transition from Hindu to Muslim wasn't tough, says new convert

SHAFAQNA- Growing up in a Muslim neighbourhood, it wasn't difficult…
Shia answers, fasting 21 hours

Now a New Muslim, NBA Star Kyrie Irving Talks About Ramadhan

SHAFAQNA- After embracing Islam, the Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie…
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Material and spiritual life from Islamic perspective

SHAFAQNA | by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi*: In Islam, the…
Shia Graph, Shia answers , philosophy of fasting in Islam

Shia answers: What is the philosophy of fasting in Islam?

SHAFAQNA- Fasting is the closest and most effective way to reach…

Labour Disclosure ‘Shows Antisemitism Was Weaponised Against Corbyn’, Activists Say

SHAFAQNA- A group of Labour activists fighting through the courts…
Fatwa, Fasting in Corona outbreak, Ayatollah Sistani
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Human rights from Islamic perspective

SHAFAQNA | by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi*: Islam, as the most…

France's Hijab Ban Is Not Empowering — It's Islamophobia Disguised As Feminism

SHAFAQNA- With governments in France voting to ban the wearing…
Imam Ali, Shia Graph

Major challenges during Imam Ali’s (AS) reign: Those who broke away

SHAFAQNA- Even though Ali (AS) was chosen as Caliph in a massive…

The World View of the Holy Quran

SHAFAQNA- Before anything else, we should study the intellectual…

Special specifications of Imam Al-Mahdi (AJ)

SHAFAQNA- بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ…

Discriminatory media content against Saudi Shia Muslims

SHAFAQNA- Discrimination against Saudi Shia takes the form of…

Can Imams (AS) create and give sustenance?

SHAFAQNA- Why does Allah (swt) address God in the Qur'an sometimes…
Pope Francis meets Ayatollah Sistani, Nahaf historic meeting

Najaf historic meeting in media: A strong sign for interfaith dialogue and coexistence

SHAFAQNA | by Leila Yazdani : Pope Francis met with Iraq’s…

Saudi Arabia's strategy to enact demographic change in historical Shia region

SHAFAQNA- Al-Masora, a 400-year-old walled quarter in Awamiyah,…
Rajab month

Video: Special prayer for the Month of Rajab

SHAFAQNA- Special prayer (Dua) for the Month of Rajab with the…

France: Muslim groups pressured to sign bill

SHAFAQNA- We are determined not to sign unless certain changes…