Date :Friday, November 7th, 2014 | Time : 17:42 |ID: 14998 | Print Emergency landing at Edmonton International Airport leaves 1 in hospital

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)- One person remains in hospital under observation after an Air Canada plane bound for Grande Prairie, Alta., made an emergency landing at the Edmonton International Airport on Thursday night.

Airport spokeswoman Heather Hamilton confirmed a Bombardier Q400 had experienced a problem after landing on the runway.

The Air Canada Flight 8481 left Calgary with 71 passengers and four crew members on board. While the plane was in the air, the pilot realized that a tire had blown. Strong crosswinds in Calgary meant the plane had to be diverted to Edmonton.

Something went wrong during the landing, Hamilton said.

“It landed in Edmonton but then there was some incident shortly after it landed,” she said. “And as a result of that, there were injuries to three passengers.”

Hamilton said a fourth person accompanied one of the passengers to hospital. According to Jazz Aviation LP, the company that operates as Air Canada Express, one person remains in hospital.

‘It was terrifying’

Lee Swaile was one of the passengers on the plane. He said he feels sore, but it grateful to be okay.

“There was so much noise and people were screaming,” Swaile said. “It was terrifying.”

Swaile said the flight was bumpy from the start.

“As we were gaining speed, the plane started shaking really bad and you heard a really loud bang and the plane almost seemed like it was out of control a little bit,” Swaile said.

About 15 minutes into the flight, Swaile said the pilot told the passengers that they had blown a tire and would have to divert to Edmonton — but he didn’t expect the landing to be so rough.

“We didn’t have any indication that anything was going to happen until the second we touched down and that’s when it all just broke loose,” Swaile said. “There was a big crash, and it felt like the weight from the plane, the tires all went out.

“You could feel that we were dragging on the ground,” he continued. “You could smell the hot asphalt and the hot metal just ripping through the ground. It almost felt like the plane was going to just turn over we were going so fast.”

Transportation Safety Board investigators arrived on the scene Thursday night and will return Friday morning.

Once the Transportation Safety Board investigation concludes, airport authorities and Air Canada will remove the plane from the runway.

After the plane is removed, the airport will inspect the runway. It will remain closed until midnight, but could reopen earlier. No flights have been delayed as a result.

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