Ceasefire announced in Ukraine

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Ukraine President Poroshenko announced a “permanent ceasefire” in east Ukraine. This comes following a phone call with Russian President Putin, which talked of concrete steps to be taken toward ending hostilities in the area. Although a corresponding message from Poroshenko’s office initially talked of a “permanent ceasefire”, Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov underlined that this wording is not applicable because Russia isn’t a party to the violence.

“In the course of today’s phone call between Putin and Poroshenko there was indeed an exchange of views that went a long way toward an agreement on steps to be taken for a swift end to the clashes taking place between the Ukrainian military and south-eastern uprising,” Peskov said.

But the spokesperson thought it important to point out that because the conflict is an internal one and not one between two countries. This view has already been voiced by President Putin last week in Minsk, where he met the Ukrainian leader. “Frankly speaking, we can’t frame the discussion in ceasefire terms, those concerning any possible negotiations between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk, this isn’t any of our business, it is Ukraine’s,” the Russian president said then.

Source: RT


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