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Ceremony to honor ‘wizard of Rey’ Zakariya Razi

SHAFAQNA – Razi, famous Iranian physician, alchemist and chemist, philosopher, scholar and genius, is the discoverer of alcohol. The ceremony also will present the Abdolazim Hassani (as) Science and Development Award.

The ceremony reportedly seeks to introduce the place of Razi in history of the medicine and alchemy, to promote the spirit of self-confidence among Iranian researchers, to bring together experts in Islamic civilization heritage, and to prepare grounds for reviving Islamic civilization in the contemporary times.

Notable among the important subject matters of the festival will be ‘Razi, an innovator in clinical medicine,’ ‘Razi and the principles of nutrition,’ ‘Razi and smallpox, measles and typhoid treatment,’ ‘examination of Razi’s works in medicine and a comparison with contemporary medical works,’ ‘Razi and medical ethics,’ ‘Razi, founder of modern chemistry,’ ‘discovery of alcohol by Razi,’ and ‘Razi and discovery of sulfuric and nitric acids.’

The festival on Razi will open Thursday December 4, 8 AM and will continue to 18 PM local time in Rey, Abdolazim Hassani mausoleum, Sheikh Sadouq conference hall.

By Mehr News Agency

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