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Chicago Muslim group invites Americans to learn about Islam from Quran

SHAFAQNA – In a bid to educate fellow Americans about the fundamental teachings of Islam and to encourage dialogue, a Muslim group based in Chicago has launched a new eight-week campaign designed to educate Americans about the true teachings of Islam.

“There had been some recent attacks targeting Muslims in Chicago and across the nation. Islamophobia at time stems from the lack of education about Islam or education from unreliable sources,” Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Executive Director, GainPeace Project, said in a press release earlier this week.

“Thus, we want to offer our fellow Americans an opportunity to learn the true teachings of Islam from its main source, the Quran.”

Launched under the title, ‘Learn Islam from its Source’, the campaign’s purpose is to invite fellow Americans to learn Islam from its source, the Quran, and not from unreliable sources, social media, or fake news.

GainPeace will offer any callers to its toll-free number, 800-662-4752, a free copy of the entire Quran in English or Spanish.

The group also desires people of other faiths to learn the peaceful teachings of Islam, contrary to what’s portrayed by some media outlets.

“Previous educational campaigns of GainPeace have generated numerous calls of support and building of alliances with interfaith groups, minority groups, and neighbors,” said Anwaar Khan, Board of Director at GainPeace and president of the Muslim Association of Bolingbrook (MAB).

MAB is partnering with GainPeace for the launch of the billboard outreach campaign.

Dr. Sabeel also noted that there had been some recent biased incidents targeting Muslims in Chicago and across the nation.

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