Christian couple embraces Islam during Majlis

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

A Christian couple from Nigeria’s city Kano embraced Shiite Islam during a Majlis fo Hazarar Imama Hussain A.S. The couple said that they turned to Islam in love of grandson of Holy Prophet PBUH. They said that they are very much impressed by the Azadari and therefore they decided to become Muslim. They requested famous religious scholar Sheikh Muhammad Mehmood to recite them Kalima. The male opted his name Muhammad after turning to Muslim.

At this occasion Sheikh Zakzaki said that Nigerian government want to subdue us and an attempt to sabotage Azadari by attacking the procession of Ashura is a clear evidence of it. He lamented Nigerian president by saying that Nigerian President is blood thirsty of Shiite Muslims. He killed out innocent children but still he is not satisfied. He vowed to render any sacrifice in the path of Islam.

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