Christians and Muslims discuss unity and tolerance in London – EXCLUSIVE

SHAFAQNA – On Sunday religious leaders from both the Christian and Muslim communities gathered at the Islamic Center for England to discuss matters related to religious tolerance, unity, social responsibility and other related issues.

The main topic of discussion revolved around the place religious occupies in an increasingly secular society.

Personalities such as Mehdi al-Islam Mohammad Ali  and Rev. Paul Henrik attended the events.

Speaking to Shafaqna correspondent, Mehdi al-Islam noted how the impact of the religious on society’s social developments has been neglected and broadly ignored. He added that the misuse of religion by the press had led to tensions and much misunderstanding.

The head of the Islamic Centre of England pointed to the need for close cooperation between  religions.

All agreed that promoting tolerance and understanding should take priority, especially since true faith implies empathy, compassion and above all tolerance and love for all.

As the participants noted, promoting ethical faith and interfaith cooperation will ultimately help lighten a path towards godliness.


At such a time when God and religion in general has been driven out of the public square and state institutions it is high time to embrace faith’s ability to serve humanity through social cohesion.

The summit participants also urged Christians to embrace the  importance of religion in society

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