Christmas Day rally in Ann Arbor to show support for Muslims

SHAFAQNA – In downtown Ann Arbor, more than 50 people gathered for a Christmas Day rally.

The interfaith event was intended to show support for Muslims. Participants sang song, held posters, and played trombone.

Jacqui Hinchey, who organized the event, says she wanted to take a stand against presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his supporters, who have called for a ban on Muslim immigration.

“This is specifically about standing next to Muslims and saying, ‘we have your back,’” says Hinchey.

Lena Harbali, holding a poster, says there should be consequences for leaders who promote fear and hatred.

“Our government isn’t allowed to promote cigarettes without the warning: This may kill you. But they will promote hatred, which incites violence, which, in turn, kills people,” says Harbali.

She says she hopes the rally will raise awareness about Muslims living peacefully in Michigan.

The rally was monitored by several officials from Homeland Security.

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