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Church job pay less less than minimum wage in Britain

SHAFAQNA – The archbishop of Canterbury has complained to the press this Wednesday that many churches had been found to be advertising jobs at hourly rates below the living wage.This news comes after bishops in the UK called on employers to raise employees pay level to secure some level of social justice.
Canterbury and Lichfield cathedrals are among those offering posts under the living wage of £7.85 an hour outside London.

The living wage is higher than the legal minimum wage of £6.50, but the investigation found churches offering pay closer to the lower level, including Lichfield advertising for waiting staff at £6.50 an hour, and Canterbury offering £6.70 for kiosk staff.

“It’s embarrassing, of course, I won’t say otherwise. But in the light of transparency, which I welcome, I will say we are a complex institution and every parish church and cathedral is an independent charity, as is every diocese. We don’t have a centralised method of control. I’m not very keen on centralised control where, from far away, you tell people what to do,” said the archibishop of Canterbury.


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