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Civilian death toll keeps growing in Raqqa amid intensifying air raids

SHAFAQNA – Collateral damage becomes more and more sensitive in Raqqa city, as US-led international coalition intensifies airstrikes and artillery shelling on the Syrian “capital” of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS).

As IS-affiliated Amaq agency reported Sunday, last night’s artillery strikes and air bombardment took lives of more than 10 civilians, while injuring 25 others.

Ivan Castro | Al-Masdar News

According to a Syrian opposition-linked Twitter page, “Raqqa SL”, the incident happened in the area near Ratla village, with U.S. Air Force allegedly bombing a convoy of buses carrying civilians:

17 civilians get killed Due Airstrikes by Coalition warplanes on Buses to transport civilians in Kasrat area and Ratla village

While it is barely possible to independently verify information regarding civilian casualties, this is not the first time U.S. airstrikes on IS affect civilians in the process.

For instance, not so long ago, 35 civilians were killed in one of U.S. air raids on the town of Kaderan in western Raqqa countryside.

Earlier, in March, 17 children died as result of coalition’s airstrike on a village south of Raqqa.

Source: Al Masdar News 

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