Date :Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 | Time : 17:35 |ID: 16042 | Print Obama rights Braley-Bailey slip

SHAFAQNA – Democrat Bruce Braley is running a tough campaign against Republican Joni Ernst in Iowa for an open U.S. Senate seat. Things got even worse when first lady Michelle Obama mispronounced his name during a rally earlier this month, repeatedly calling him Bruce “Bailey.”

Luckily for Braley, the first lady came prepared Tuesday and corrected herself during a rally for Braley in Iowa City. Just after Braley’s name was announced, Obama addressed the issue immediately, “Bruce Braley. Now, some of you may remember the last time I was here, I got it wrong… a couple of times.”

While the audience continued to laugh, she insisted that Sasha and Malia are proof that she often jumbles names, “I never call them the right names,” adding “I call Barack Bo… it never works out really well.”

Despite having mispronounced his name in the past, she assures the crowd, “what I know I got right was Bruce’s values.”


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