Coming soon – Shafaqna Exclusive Interview with a Paris attack survivor and her message of peace


SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna interviewed today a survivor of Paris attack. Claire Santana, came face to face with the terror sold by ISIS militants, this fascism which sprung from the tongue of Wahhabi clerics in the desert of Nejd (Saudi Arabia).

But rather than answer hatred with more hatred, Claire chose to do what terrorists fear most – embrace those who she understands are the real target of terror: Muslims.

Rather than adopt the official narrative of hate and disdain Western officials continue to covertly spread against Islam and Muslims, Claire chose to stand by those who she saw as unwarranted scapegoats of imperialism.

“I will not follow in the footsteps of fascism, instead I will try to build a bridge in between communities and defeat terror with solidarity.”

Her interview will be published in full later on.


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