Community in action – Young British Muslims want to tell the truth about Islam

SHAFAQNA – A Tilford Muslim – Surrey, England –  has been opening up to us about being targeted for his religion.

22-year-old Ataul Tahir is trying to promote the truth about Islam.

He is part of Haslemere Muslim youth group, called Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

It focuses on serving the local community by doing various charitable work.

Ataul says he does not blame people for having the wrong idea about Islam: “You have people calling out all kinds of abusive names.

“I’m not saying it’s the norm, but it does happen.

“Whether it’s on social media, whether it’s walking around Guildford town.

“I can’t entirely blame them though.

“The media is giving all the attention to so-called terrorism groups like ISIS.

“But once you see what the teaching of Islam is and what the Holy Prophet actually practices, you’ll come to realise Islam really isn’t a religion of terror or violence.

“Rather it’s a religion of peace, I mean Islam means peace.”

Later today (25th April), Ataul is taking part in a charitable 10k run at Hyde Park to raise money for local charities.

Over 500 youth members will be taking part.

In the past, the group have raised over half a million pounds for charities like Humanity First, Barnados, Save the Children, RSPCC, and NSPCC.

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