Conference about Imam Mehdi (AS) Held in Jammu and Kashmir


SHAFAQNA- A daylong conference about Imam Mehdi (AS) was held at Iqbal Khomeini Hall at Mohalla Syed Afzal in Alamgari Bazar in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday.

In was organized by Jammu and Kashmir Ahlulbayt (AS) Foundation. People from all walks of life attended the conference.

Moulana Sheikh Ghulam Rasool Noori presided over the conference. It started with recitation of verses of Holy Quran.

Prominent religious scholars threw light on the life of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (AS) at the event.

Sunday was the 15th of Sha’aban in tehlunar Hijri calendar, marking the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (AS).

Source: Iqna

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