Conference at the Islamic College in London kicks off important conversation on Shia Islam

SHAFAQNA – This weekend the Islamic College of London  is holding a conference on Shia Islam,covering different aspects of the school of thoughts and traditions in what many have called a religious and ideological turning point.

At such a time when Islamophobia, and radicalism have all but defined Islam – stripping the Scriptures from the divine nature of their meaning, weight and significance to the slander of pseudo scholars, such a conference comes a much need respite indeed.

While Shia Islam has been overwhelmingly ignored and shun by Western scholars on account of political prejudices and cultural bias, a wealth of knowledge, and wisdom stands now to be reclaimed and rediscovered.

Rooted in scholarly contemplation, rigorous training and discipline Shia Islam carries Islam’ most purest religious tradition – both the keeper and custodian of the Word. Where many have sought to reform and adapt, Shia Islam has instead sought guidance in the wisdom the last Prophet of God, and his progeny imparted to their followers.

The conference this Saturday offered a window into Shia Islam tradition, allowing for attendees to familiarize themselves with those concepts the Western world has yet to grasp. If Islam has often been painted under Wahhabism’s brush, the West has yet to learn of Shiism – the gatekeeper of Islam.



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