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Congresswoman Barbara Lee: President Trump needs to end shameful shutdown

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SHAFAQNABarbara Jean Lee , the U.S. Representative for California’s 13th congressional district, slams Trump for US government shutdown, saying President Trump needs to stop playing games with people’s livelihoods and end this shameful shutdown.

“ Unlike our billionaire president, most Americans can’t afford to go weeks on end without a paycheck — nor should they have to”, Barbara Lee Tweeted.

As a partial US government shutdown hit the two-week mark, Donald Trump told congressional leaders at the White House he was prepared for the standoff to last months or even years.

“Absolutely I said that,” said Trump during a Rose Garden press conference, when asked if Senator Chuck Schumer was correct in his claim that the White House was prepared to continue the shutdown indefinitely.

The president also upped the ante, threatening to declare a national emergency and build a border wall without congressional approval.

“I can do it if I want,” he said. He also suggested what he called “the military version of eminent domain” as a method of obtaining private property for wall construction, The Guardian reported.



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