Consistency – the path to attaining greater piety

SHAFAQNA - An important thing to remember when seeking knowledge as in many other things in life, is that one must be consistent if they want to achieve any level of success. Be not deceived by the erroneous concept that, “Success is gained in large strides.” Rather, it is the opposite which stands true. This is a reality that eludes many who contemplate on success and being successful. Success is most often attained by way of small yet consistent steps. The Arabs have a proverb which states,

“A little which is consistent is better and far more in quantity than a lot which suddenly stops.”

The Prophet (PBUH) said in a narration collected by al-Bukhari,“Upon you is that which you have the ability to do. By Allah, Allah will never become bored, and will thus continue to reward you until you yourself become bored with doing good deeds. Verily, the most beloved Deen to Allah is that which an individual is the most consistent upon.”

The Deen is Islam, Islam is Iman (Faith), and consistency, is upon actions. This Hadeeth points to the fact that Iman (Faith) consists of statements, actions and beliefs, it increases and decreases.

Verily, the teachings of Islam benefit us not only in our religion and in the next life, but also in our worldly affairs and in this life. Consistency is a must, in our religious affairs as well as in our worldly affairs. This by no stretch of the imagination includes learning and all educational pursuits.

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