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Constant association with Quran is needed for an Islamic lifestyle

SHAFAQNA – A person, who has no association with the holy Quran and does not recite it, naturally cannot connect with its meanings and concepts and consequently will not be able to adjust his/her life to the Islamic lifestyle. Various holy verses and narrations have emphasized the recitation of the holy Quran because it provides the bases for contemplation and acting on the teachings of the holy book of Allah (SWT) as mentioned in Ayah 24 of Surah Al-Nesa: “Don’t they reflect on reciting the Quran? If it had come from other sources than Allah (SWT), they would have a great deal of contradiction in it” or Ayah 24 of Surah Al-Mohammad: “Don’t they contemplate on (reciting) Quran, or do they have locks on their hearts?”

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