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Contraception and Abortion of Illegitimate Fetus

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Fayyad فیاض

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatullah Muhammad Ishaq Fayyad has answered some questions about contraception and abortion of  illegitimate fetus. It is best for believers to refer to their own religious reference to receive the legal decision on their affairs.

Question: In cases of rape that results in pregnancy, given that girls and women are unwittingly being victimized and carrying such an fetus causes mental illness, social harm, and notoriety, and makes marriage difficult for them, and sometimes also leads to suicide, are such people allowed to have abortions before the age of four months and before spirit is blown in the fetus?

Answer: Given the assumptions of the question, if the survival of the fetus would bring about such difficulties, it is allowed to be aborted.


Question: A woman is pregnant for four months and ten days. According to doctors, the fetus suffers from serious problems such as severe hydrocephalus and lumbar deficiency. The doctor’s diagnosis rules that the fetus should be aborted. Given that the mother of this fetus has previously given birth to baby with birth defects that is still alive and is completely numb and deficient, and both he and his mother are very annoyed, can this fetus be aborted?

Answer: Regarding the premises of the question, the abortion of the fetus is not permissible.


Question: An illegal fetus has been conceived in the womb and now the girl is pregnant for seven month. If her father and brothers find out about this, it is possible that they will kill both the boy and the girl based on tribal traditions. Is it allowed to carry out abortion by a physician?

Answer: In case the girl is convinced or sure that if her father and brothers will be informed about this matter, she will be murdered; then the abortion of the fetus is permissible, otherwise it is not permissible.


Question: A woman’s uterus fails to maintain the fetus more than two months after pregnancy. Is the woman allowed, after the pregnancy, to take out the fetus of her womb with the help of her specialist physician and put her in another woman’s womb until she gives birth to it? If this is done in any case, please explain the ruling of the issue in terms of Mahramiah.

Answer: The act in question is not permissible. In case of occurrence, both women are Mahram to the child as its mother.


Question: A woman has been proven infertile after her marriage. Is she allowed to receive sperms from a non-Mahram man and put it in her womb?

Answer: No, it’s not permissible to receive a sperm from a man other than from her husband.


Question: What’s your opinion on family planning and contraception? Is it permissible?

Answer: Yes, it is permissible.


Question: Is a woman who is infertile allowed to receive an ovum from another women under the supervision of a physician?

Answer: Such an act is not permissible.



Translation: SHAFAQNA

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