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I Converted to Islam to Reach Inner Calmness


SHAFAQNA-Finnish Muslim convert youth introduced attractions of Islam and reaching to inner calmness as the main reason for conversion.
According to Astan News, attending office of management of non-Iranian pilgrims’ affairs and reciting profession of faith, this Finnish young man converted to Islam.
The young man who chose Reza as his new name after his conversion described his feelings as follows, “I had a very general understanding on Islam and I didn’t have much awareness about it. Choosing this religion, however, my viewpoint about Islam changed and I now feel I am much closer to the reality of life”.
He added, “I am a teacher and I have got lots of students from various religions. This very variety of religions at school paved the way for my understanding of Islam”.
Inner feeling was introduced by Reza as the main reason for his selection. He went on to say, “I had no special feeling toward this religion at the beginning; when I got closely familiar with its orders, however, my sense of curiosity tempted me and therefore I persuaded to answer my questions through study”.
This new Muslim convert introduced Islam as the most complete religion and said, “When I saw Quran for the first time, I was very avid to get familiar with its concepts. I studied Qur’an with translation and I become very shocked”.
He stated, “I am now very calm and peaceful and I try to get more details about this religion by reading books and articles and also getting familiar with viewpoints of salient Muslim figures”.
Noting that Finland is a country with numerous immigrants in which people can live with their personal viewpoints and beliefs, Reza added, “If someone wants to become a Muslim, I will help him to choose his path with awareness and reach to inner calmness in this full of turbulences world”.

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