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Cowardly attack in Pakistan

SHAFAQNA – Pakistan suffered a cruel attack this weekend, when radical militants targeted a busy district of Lahore, hoping to maim and slain Christians as they came together to mark Easter Sunday.

The hideous sectarianism such an attack underpins is revolting, criminal and absolutely devoid of religious legitimacy. While radicals may continue to claim themselves of Islam, arguing the Quran provisions for such bloodshed, it does not make it so!

Islam absolutely stands in opposition of intolerance, injustice and terrorism. The expression of God’s Will, Islam inherently calls for respect: respect of people’s freedom, respect of people’s differences, respect of people’s God given right to chose their own path.

In time such as ours when fear and hatred have warped our perception of reality, it is important to remember that if God gave us the right to choice in between right or wrong so that we could own our destiny, no man or system should deprive us of it.

Wahhabism, as it happens, like any other form of radicalism denies men’s choices.

Radicals this Easter chose to target Christians because they hope that through such despicable violence the blame of their hatred would fall on Islam, and comfort Islam’s enemies in their own beliefs that it is nefarious. The only evil there is is the one being preached by Wahhabist radicals.

The only evil there is stands in the actions of those who ambition to exploit the Scriptures to justify their villainy and bigotry.

As Imam Ali once said, “Islam is the religion of the middle” – meaning its truth is found in moderation, in reason, and restraint against passion.

Islam it needs to be remembered will never stand an enemy of Christianity,  not when God himself called upon all believers to protect and respect the people of the Book … all the people of the Book.

Islam will always find itself in Christianity since Christianity was built around the teachings of Jesus son of Mary – Issa ibn Myriam.

Islam’s love, devotion and profound reverence for the wisdom Jesus offered his followers, his Shia (the word means followers of) is inscribed in the Quran itself, and as such should be viewed as a divine command.

To those who still seek to sow hatred and discord, know that of men cannot see you still, God can, and from his wrath there is no refuge, just like His love and mercy remain infinite … should you only chose to see.







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