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Crash and Burn – Turkey’s run in with Terror exposes the Western narrative

SHAFAQNA – 2017 most definitely started with a bang on Press TV as Marwa Osman, a prominent Lebanese analyst and political commentator, ripped a hole in the Western Middle-Eastern narrative, and essentially schooled a neocon peddler on Resistance … yes Mr Daniel Pipes I am looking at you!

The Debate – Terrorism Targeting Turkey by presstv
I must say that Ms Osman’s tirade against Pipes was a thing of beauty – not often do we have the privilege to witness what intellectual resistance and a grasp on political realities look like when confronted to absolute idiocracy … yes it’s a word and I coined it.

Just in case you were wondering Ms Osman owned that stage! Not only did she own it but she also drove the conversation and managed eloquently to make one shamed-face Pipes eat his hair brush.

The “Sunni Jihadists” he said are now targeting Turkey he said … Really?! Interesting how upon crossing into Turkey those “moderates” the West has fervently armed against Damascus transformed into blood-thirsty Sunni psychos … toeing the sectarian narrative much? Or is it now that Washington and Tel Aviv are trying to play the infamous Shia-Sunni divide some more now that Resistance has risen a titan over the Middle East.

Could it be that Washington is just about getting ready to pounce on its Wahhabist Saudi friends and sell Terror’s patrons down the proverbial river? Not that we’ll shed a tear but we marvel before the hypocrisy and flip-flopping.

As Ms Osman emphasized: there is no such thing as Sunni Jihadists … what we do have though is a grand Wahhabist problem. Scratch that … What we have is a ginormous Wahhabist problem rooted in despotic Saudi nepotism, sprinkled with megalomania and a propensity to bathe in the blood of the innocent.

Sorry Mr Pipes but no one is drinking the cool aid anymore … not anyone with a few functioning brain cells anyway. If the Middle East is burning it is by design, NOT because its communities are inherently backward or too Islamic to comprehend such principles as peace and democracy.

This idea that the West ought to free the Arab world from the shackles of its own induced barbarism is a construct which can longer stand! The Middle East I will dare say has a thing or two to teach the West in terms of resilience and resistance.

I will add that no people in our modern history has fought more valiantly than those Resistance warriors – may they be in Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, or Yemen.

Today Turjey’s brush with Terror only exposes the machiavellism of America’s policy and by extension that of Israel.

And yes, Mr Pipes however thin that slither of land Tel Aviv has carved away, it has managed – courtesy of America’s tax-payers money and egocentric Saudi Royals, to throw the whole region out of balance so that it would tower a fascist island over a burning pit.

But for all the scheming and plotting there have been those powers anchored so deeply in the socio-religious fabric and history of the Middle East that no storm, however mighty, could ever outroot. Those powers of course few have yet dare to acknowledge as our collective salvation. If you pay attention to what Ms Osman said you will know whom I speak of. Today they have several capitals under their banner … Maybe 2017 will the year when those banners of old are raised once more in liberation.

Such leadership Western capitals have yet to come to term with … although soon they will have no other choice but to. Ironic I would say how the wind of Resistance came to sweep the table clean and without uttering a word, expose those dynamics we are learning to call devilish.

And so I give my hat … or I should say hijab to Ms Osman and her eloquence.

Courage is very much alive in the Middle East!

By Catherine Shakdam – Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies






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