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Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi issues statement on Quds Day

SHAFAQNA – Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, the Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, issued a message on the occasion of Quds International Day.

Read the full text of the statement as follows:

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

The holy month of Ramadan, the month to approach the God Almighty, fighting the ego, and defeating the arrogance inside and outside, and the beautiful season of empathy and unity of Muslims in the light of God’s feast, is reaching the final days, and again the resonance of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) voice can be heard, who said, “Quds day, is the day that the oppressed fights the arrogant,.”

The heroic nation of Iran, who fortunately in the last 38 years has taken strides on the path to realize Islamic ideals and values under the shade of the Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and the Supreme Leader (may God prolong his life), and today as the inhabitants of the leading role of the Islamic world is the model for all the freedom-seeking nations of the world, and in the sensitive and decisive situation of the region, is at the forefront of progress, justice, and liberation.

These days, as Takfiri trend with financial and spiritual support of reactionary and tribal governments of the region, and by the cover of terrorist groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra etc., as the ominous descendants of America and world’s Zionism, is seeking to destroy the notion of pure Islam and spreading American Islam, and the presence, resistance and sympathy of the Iranian nation and the brave armed forces, will hit them hard.

This perpetual presence of the people gives a clear message to the world’s Zionism that any action against our beloved country, will bring them a tougher response, and this resistance of the Iranian people will encourage and support various libertarian groups throughout the world, and weakens and destroys the Zionist regime.

The message of the holy month of Ramadan is global uprising against tyranny and hegemony, and given the recent events in the region, it is imperative that all Muslims, once again, be sympathetic and united with each other for the primary issue of the Islamic world, the liberation of dear Quds from the spurious Zionist regime, and participate in the Quds Day rally.

I, in the vicinity of Razavi Holy Grave, and in the light of magnanimous illuminations of an Imam, whom we all have read during pilgrimage, “I testify that you fought in the path of God as you should have”, while wishing for acceptance of prayers and worships of all the Islamic Iran’s people and proud Muslims of the world, in the month of the God’s feast, in order to carry out the intentions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, invite the freedom seekers of the world, especially the religious scholars, the respected university and seminary professors, the seminary and university students, and the noble families of martyrs and the veterans, the youths and adolescents to once again all around the planet, with vast participation in splendid Quds Day rally, showcase the pinnacle of authority and convergence of the freedom seekers of the world and in particular the Islamic nation, in this important and fundamental issue, and bring happiness to the holy existence of the Imam Mahdi (A.S.).

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