Daesh Kills Dozens of Shi’ite Muslims in Baghdad Attacks

SHAFAQNA – Two suicide blasts hours apart rang out in eastern Baghdad’s mainly Shi’ite areas. The explosions have claimed at least 20 lives and wounded over 60 people, according to police and medics cited by Reuters.

The first of the explosions was a suicide car blast claimed by Daesh in the Jamila district, killing 13 people and injuring 50.

The terrorist drove his car through the market gate, attracting the security’s attention, which began firing on the vehicle. He then set off the explosive charge.

The attacks come less than a week after a similar blast killed 36 people and wounded 52 in the Sadr City area of the Iraqi capital. IS also took credit then, saying they targeted Shia Muslims.

There has been a series of attacks in just over a week, claiming dozens of lives. Daesh has claimed responsibility for several of them. Meanwhile, the terrorist group is trying to repel an offensive in Mosul, Iraq, after suffering major losses in Syria.

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