Daesh puts up a billboard on women’s dress code in Libya – Un-Islamic says Imam

SHAFAQNA - Several reports have come out about Daesh (ISIS) imposing restrictions on women since it took over parts of Syria and Iraq. Billboards, however, are a first.

Al-Wasat reported on Monday the militants put up a billboard in Sirte, Libya, outlining the dress code for women and including an illustration in case you had forgotten that you’re not supposed to resemble a human at all.       Here’s the spotted billboard.



Translation, provided by al-Wasat:

1. No see-through clothes

2. Only wear loose-fitting clothes

3. Must cover all body parts

4. No name brands

5. Do not wear masculine items or items worn by faithless women

6. No clothes with designs that will attract attention

7. No perfumed clothes

Women in previous reports on Syria and Iraq have complained about not being able to breathe under the Daesh-imposed burka, through which they’re not allowed to expose eyes or mouths.

While radicals may have been keen to promote such dress code as Islamic countless clerics, whether Sunnis or Shias have already come forward denouncing such move as un-Islamic as it betrays the very spirit of Islam and its Scriptures.

Imam Hasan Abbas Sufyani in Yemen, from the Zaidi school of thought told Shafaqna that such “dressing attire” may fall in line with cultural sensitivities it does not make is Islamic in any way.

He added, “There can be no compulsion in Islam and if our prophet and our Imams after did not impose and instead only advised and called, how can any leader or group overstep such boundaries?” Women have rights and obligations under Islam like men do; they are not lesser. Islam protects women and testifies of their rights. Islam stands against any form of oppression and slavery, might it be physical, psychological or otherwise. Daesh does not understand Islam. They might recite the Quran but its words do not pass their throat.”

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