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Da’esh sells children in Mosul

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In his interview with the Kurd Press, Saeed Mamozini, an official of Kurdish Democratic Party said: In an old market in Mosul province, Yazidi and Christian children are sold by Da’esh elements and this has caused panic amongst the citizens. He added that due to Da’esh activities, the people of Mosul live in bad situation, on one hand Da’esh has control over all budgets sent by Baghdad and pays only half to people, on the other hand many are arrested and taken to unknown prisons. The Kurdish official said: in the recent airstrikes by US allies, 120 Da’esh members have been killed. In his final remarks, the Kurdish official said: Currently fighting between Peshmergas and Da’esh has stopped and only bombardments are continuing.

Source: Kurd Press

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