Daesh targets imams in Iraq – Beheading in Mosul EDITORIAL

SHAFAQNA – News reports coming out of Iraq this Friday have confirmed that Daesh militants executed an imam in Mosul, after he opposed the ideology of Takfir fronted by the terror, and called for all able men and women to resist such movement in whichever way they can.

As a religious leader, Fawasz Hussein al-Wanli, Imam of Ali Bin Abi Talib mosque in Mosul did his duty as he spoke truth in the face of tyranny. And though his bravery, and his fortitude carried little weight before the fury of Daesh, his deeds nevertheless were that of a righteous man in the eyes of God.

Imams are more than the keeper of an Islamic tradition – they ought to stand examples to their congregation, and thus do what most would not dare, out of a lack of courage or conviction.

Imam al-Wanli was such an imam – a true, honest, and dedicated religious leader, a compassionate man whose work was for God and Islam. There is great dignity in such a stand … and great many lessons in recalling his martyrdom.

“Imam al-Wanli was known as one of the main opponents to ISIS in Mosul. He considered the ISIS alleged Caliphate as a tyrant regime aimed at eliminating all moderate Muslims in the region,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told journalists from Mosul.

After four days in detention, the Sharia Court ordered the militants to publicly execute the Imam.
“He was beheaded on Wednesday evening at the al-Gharbi square in front of hundreds of people,” and eyewitness said.

But what authority this so-called “Sharia Court” truly holds since its upholds not Islam, but the twisted ideology of Takfir – the matrix upon which Wahhabism has weaved itself around while claiming itself of Islam.

Beyond the simple invasion of the Middle East, Daesh militants intend now to corrupt communities’ hearts and minds by infiltrating all civil and religious institutions, both a parasite and a malignant tumour.

It was Imam Ali who said: “If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past, and if you tell a lie it becomes a part of your future.”

He also said: “Stay with the truthful, no matter how few, stay away from the false no matter how many.”

Across time, space, our Imams have offered us wisdom and knowledge. Truth lies in our ability to embrace their teachings and complete our declaration of faith, by abiding to the last command of the Prophet Muhammad  – to hold on the House (AhlulBayt)

Daesh is working today to isolate those who still hold on to the Truth. Militants will use slander, fear and propaganda … they will wield false knowledge and redacted hadiths … they will tell one truth and dress it in a million lies, so that Muslims could suffer doubt.

Some truths though can never be sullied … The righteous will wait patiently until such a time when he returns … until such a time when all will be gathered.

Until such a time we will wait under the First Imam shadow, since he, stands in the light of Islam, Custodian of the Word, both brother and son the last Prophet of God.


By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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