‘Dangerously Cold Air’ Brings Big Chill To US

SHAFAQNA – Plunging temperatures, snow and ice across the US are grounding planes, shutting down schools and disrupting traffic.With Arctic air from Canada moving in, the National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisory for much of the Northeast.It warned that “dangerously cold air” with strong winds could result in frostbite if people do not wear scarves, hats and gloves.

Temperatures in some areas could plunge to 25 to 30 degrees below average on Wednesday, possibly as low as -35F (-37C) with the wind chill factor.

The deep freeze will affect most of the country and some 240 million people.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and officials in other cities urged residents to check on their neighbours or relatives who may be at risk.

Chicago has been hit particularly badly and conditions are expected to get worse, with classes cancelled on Wednesday. More than 130 flights in and out of the city’s two airports were cancelled.

Officials urged people in Illinois to stay indoors if possible, and told drivers to stock their vehicles with extra water, food and warm clothing.

In Washington, heavier than expected snow snarled traffic and forced Attorney General Eric Holder to cancel a trip to New York for the funeral of former Governor Mario Cuomo.

The Washington region got up to 5in (12cm) of snow, well above initial forecasts.

Hundreds of car crashes were reported in the morning commute and some area schools closed. Dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled at local airports.

Many schools were also closed in Minneapolis, Ohio and in the Dakotas, while heavy snowfall hit Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

The cold snap will not spare the South, with Georgia and Alabama expected to be hit by Thursday.

While residents across the US dealt with the winter weather conditions, some creatures did not seem to mind the snow.

Bao Bao, a panda cub at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, took a tumble down a snowy hill and later played with its mother Mei Xiang.

Source : https://uk.news.yahoo.com/

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