Day Light Saving Time ends in Iran at midnight, Sept 21


SHAFAQNA- Tehran, September 22,– Iranˈs official clock hands were drawn an hour back at midnight, September 21, marking the end of countryˈs 6 month Day Light Saving Time (DST), which had begun on March 21, Farvardin 1, the beginning of Iranian New Year, Norouz.


The information website of the Iranian Government announced that in accordance with the law passed in the Iranian Parliament, Majlis, in the year 2007, the hands of the country’s official clock were drawn back an hour at 12 midnight of Shahrivar 30 (September 21), a day before the end of the summer season.


The former Iranian president had for a while tried to annul the DST law, but the Parliament resisted against his attempt to do so, arguing that the economic loss of the nation due to annulling that law would have been tremendously high.


Source: IRNA



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