Deconstructing democracy – In times of great fear, ignorance leads

SHAFAQNA – And so it has begun, Western capitals have sounded the drums of war, arguing terror and a need to assert Liberty’s flame to justify yet another military campaign in the Middle East – imperialists’ newest frontline, capitalists’ newest venture in this grand quest for global power.

Today Syria has been earmarked for invasion, tomorrow who knows …

And while many will see in Britain’s actions, proof that Western democracies are indeed determined to eradicate terror, I see globalists’ desire to exert control over a region which hold great financial and geopolitical promises.

Beyond the oil rush, stands undeniable geopolitical realities – so much more than a natural oil and gas field, the Middle East holds within its belly and its veins the lifeblood of great many future capitalist ventures: from those markets ready to be cultivated to the manpower its valleys offer, the Middle East remains unfettered capitalism grandest Eldorado … if only its people did not mind slavery. As it happens they do!

I would actually argue that our common and all encompassing desire for freedom is absolutely and completely universal, the one thread which unites us all and define the very nature of our compounded humanity. Freedom needs no label, nationality, political affiliation or religion – freedom needs not even space and time; Freedom only is.

And yet, freedom has been the one principle, the one right which has been denied the most; freedom has been the one ideology for which millions of men and women across history have bled for, died for and fought for.

And because Freedom will likely remain an immovable constant in our lives, Resistance will forever stands men’s only choice before tyranny – if only of course men are capable of discerning those forces which seek to enslave them.

Sadly it is terror those days which is leading the narrative, blinding millions to the realities of fascism. And out fear millions have been sold into abandoning those very liberties which define their democracies.

“We are here faced by fascists,” Hilary Benn, the Shadow Foreign Secretary told British MPs at parliament on Wednesday. He went on: “Not just their calculated brutality but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this Chamber tonight and all of the people that we represent.They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt.”

This is the speech which draw MPs to tears and allowed for Syria’s life to be sentenced away.

But whose fascism, and whose terror? Who is this “they” Mr Benn is referring to? Daesh’s armies or his own. Which of the two military forces should we be worried about the most?

Who is holding who in contempt when it is Western capitals which refuse so categorically to value those foreign lives they perceive as lesser than their own?

Terror today has many faces … not least of all unfettered capitalism, yet its agenda is immovable: bending men, women and children to its absolute paradigm, without and beyond all hope. Such is the radicalism which is taking root in our world today.

Only radicalism wears many masks. Radicalism I’m afraid does not remain Daesh’s monopoly (aka ISIL)  – there are other terrors in the world which claims themselves not of Islam but are defined in secularism. And while their professed ideologies might differ, one often finding justification in the other, both terrors are political devolutions which need to be addressed.

A lot can be said of a government which labels its political detractors terror sympathizers. “David Cameron branded a lot of people ‘terrorist sympathisers’ and they’re not happy about it,” read a headline for The Independent, on December 3rd.

A lot can be said of a government which holds closest to its heart those allies which behaviours are disturbingly insync with terror: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain ….

And a lot can be said of those powers which deny one nation’s sovereign rights so that they could increase the breadth of their own.

Western powers have played by terror’s rules for so long it has become difficult to differentiate in between the two – only maybe that one has yet to become institutionalized.

Who needs democracy when all is required is the illusion of one? Men are best kept in those cages they cannot feel or touch. Only Britain is starting to look like a rather disturbing democratic devolution.

There is no legitimate ground for war in Syria – not when it means bypassing its sovereignty, not without risking turning into those very radicals we claim to oppose. And if Russia found a way to unite with Syria’s government against Daesh, in keeping with international law, what in the world is preventing Western capitals to do the same?

Could it be their profound commitments to democracy human rights? Clearly not when PM Cameron only too happily grants war criminals special privileges on his soil.

Western democracies do not play by those rules they created to bind others – they move beyond all legality and morality for those powers imagine themselves the political currency by which all others are measured against but never equated.

And so Britain had its war, and the West was given its enemy: Islam – imperial powers’ favourite scapegoat.

But if Britain and its powerful friends did indeed have their war, they will also have to contend with the Resistance which their tyranny created.

And where Western powers are undeniably stronger when it comes to the fire their military can master, wars are never won by those armies which carry more guns, but those arms and hearts which have been forged in righteous conviction.

Those hearts are beating in their millions and their lips all carry Freedom’s cries.
By Catherine Shakdam – This article was initially published in the American Herald Tribune. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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