Delay to implement NAP could be disastrous : Shafaqna Exclusive


Delay to implement NAP could be disastrous : Shafaqna Exclusive


The deadly attack on Peshawar school has left Pakistan policy makers and military brass on tatters. Failing to anticipate any such brazen incident, Pakistan never formulate a single strategy to tackle this menace. Apart from this Pakistan has been fighting war against terror since a decade but still lacks any conceived policy or plan to counter it. Is it not hilarious????Now after this incident Pakistan political leadership awake from the deep slumber and chalked out a policy to eliminate terrorism but still the implementation of this plan is a question mark. Couple of week has gone by but still NAP is not fully enacted or even conceived. The nations who are at war do not take so longer to chalk out their policies but work day and night for their survival. What does this lukewarm response means. Is it a tactics to gain time so that people completely forget about this heinous incident and Govt once again get busy in its routine business. Delaying such a plan could be disastrous, It is time to think and implement with a jet speed. Just holding meetings and carrying discussion could lead to another serious disaster.


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