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Demands to dismiss Saudi member in UN because introduce herself “Hijazi”

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Saudi journalist Dawood Alsharyan and board member of the Group Management MBC television demands Saudi Foreign Ministry to dismiss Kingdom’s delegate to the United Nations Manal Radwan, because she introduce  herself at the expense of Twitter as a “citizen Hijazi” that means of the Hijaz region.

Manal Radwan sparked controversy last week after she delivered a speech on Saudi Arabia chair in a meeting at the United Nations without a headscarf, prompting the “supreme officers to guide the investigation of the matter,” according to the Sabaq newspaper.

Dawood Alsharyan said who provides program on channel MBC broadcasting  five days a week said on his Twitter yesterday, “Manal Radwan delegate Kingdom in the United Nations known herself on Twitter-as fellow Hijazi,” adding “possible Foreign Ministry to call relative of daughter Radwan and tell her that the state send her which she represent is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “

He believed, “should the State Department to end its relationship of manal Radwan because she does not recognize she is a Saudi citizen,” noting that “the Kingdom delegate to the United Nations Manal Radwan still believes she is Syrian, as well as because she does not recognize our country.”

It is known that Dawood  has close with senior officials in Saudi Arabia relations, including Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef. And his program enjoys watching wide in Saudi Arabia, and often topics that touch sensation to occur.

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