Democratic Congresswoman Tusli

SHAFAQNA – Whether people agree with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbarb or not does not take away from the fact that she is reinventing politics in Washington by refreshingly telling some hard truths.

On Saudi Arabia’s main export to the world: Wahhabism, Tulsi is certainly not afraid to go against the grain by admitting to the reality of Salafism and Deobandism. A veteran who know exactly what a fanatic looks like from up close, this congresswoman could be set to change America’s narrative vis a vis Terror … and not a moment too soon.

Somewhat of a social media sensation for her brunt honesty she was credited the following quote on Syria: “Escalating the regime change in Syria would be devastating.”

Speaking to CNN Democratic Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard told Jake Tapper that rebel groups supported by the US in Syria have links to terror groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Like Trump, Ms Gabbard does not sugarcoat the fact that war is miserable and dirty and that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have all been guilty of crimes against humanity and support for terror groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra front.
The pro Hilary establishment media is screaming foul at the publishing of private emails that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that wars have been waged in the MENA region to line capitalists’ pockets.
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