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Dennis Etler: US promoting military agenda in Pacific

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- American professor Dennis Etler says that the United States is promoting its military agenda in the Asia-Pacific region and it is not after promoting trade and security.

Etler told Press TV on Monday that China has “legitimate concerns” about US military presence near its borders.

China “has concerns for its own security” in the face of “the presence of the American Navy and Air Force on its borders,” he said.

Professor of Anthropology, Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, said “the US has tried to assert its presence in East Asia, but there is really no need for military occupation of regions surrounding China.”

“China has legitimate concerns about the US military presence in its backyard,” he stated.

He also said “China, of course, does not have its forces throughout the world as the United States does.”

Etler made the remarks when asked about Obama’s speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing on Monday.

During his speech, Obama described the US as “a Pacific power,” saying that his country is leading to promote shared security and economic growth.

“America’s a Pacific power, and we are leading to promote shared security and shared economic growth in this century just as we did in the last,” Obama said.

Etler said “the only reason for the US presence both in the neighborhood of China and elsewhere in the world is to assert its position, its power, and to try to influence events in its favor.”

The Obama administration has a long-term plan for the Asia-Pacific region, called “pivot” of US military towards the region.

Experts warn that President Obama’s “pivot” strategy towards Asia and the US military buildup in the Pacific could lead to a potential clash with China and Russia.




Source: PressTV


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