Deobandis allied Wahhabi-Salafi takfiri Daesh threaten Shai in LARKANA

SHAFAQNA – U.S.-allied and Saudis-dictated rulers of Pakistan have taken no action against the Deobandis allied Wahhabi-Salafi takfiri terrorist outfit ISIL or Daish (ISIS) in any part of Pakistan. Asif Zardari who claimed that he had first alerted about the threat of DAISH failed to prevent DAISH from graffiti or wall-chalking in Larkana that is home district of Bhuttos, founders of his Pakistan People’s Party that rules Sindh province. DAWN News channel reported about the ISIL or Daish chalking at Shia religious seminary and Imam Bargah that was aimed at conveying threat to Shia Muslims of Larkana District.

The graffiti of DAISH was seen at the walls of Imam Bargah Khichi and Sahib ul Asr seminary of Shiites that has angered peaceful Shia Pakistanis because Wahhabis-allied Deobandis have massacred around 70 Shia Muslims during Friday prayers in the neighbouring Shikarpur District on January 30. Last year, the Daish wall-chalking appeared in a youth hostel located in Sachal Colony of Larkana. A day earlier of that incident, a grenade attack on Rangers personnel injured a soldier, which was rumoured to be linked with the IS.

That pro-DAISH wall chalking first appeared at a time when people from different parts of the country were reaching Larkana in large numbers to observe the seventh death anniversary of former Pakistan People’s Party woman Chairman and the country’s assassinated premier Benazir Bhutto. Now, ruling PPP of Sindh province is preparing to observe death anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, founding chairman of the PPP and ex-PM of Pakistan who the godfather of Deobandis and Wahhabis of Pakistan General Zia ul Haq hanged during his unelected dictatorial regime in April 1979.

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