Deputy PM Bahrain regime : Iran part of problems , we are naturalizing similar others

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – Muhammad Mubarak Alkhifah, Vice-President Al-Khalifa government working in the shadows launches an attack on Iran in the light of what observers described as the “Saudi Arabia commands.” Mubarak accused Iran of constantly meddling in the internal affairs of Bahrain, claimed in an interview with the Saudi Arabia newspaper “Middle East”, that Tehran does not have the role of “assistant” in the elimination of “Daash “,  repeating Saudi Foreign Minister phrase, Saud al-Faisal, that Iran “is a party to the problem “.

On the domestic affairs, Mubarak claimed that the voice of “citizen” in the House, “House of Representatives”, is higher to hear than his voice “in the street”, where witnessing public in Bahrain showing daily demonstrations against the regime Khulaifi, which extends demonstrations in various areas. Mubarak tried hard polishing the upcoming elections, which the opposition forces announced a boycott, and spoke the “integrity” of these elections. On the subject of naturalization, expressed surprise at the “hype” on the subject, and asked: “Why there are no naturalization in Bahrain while permissible in the whole world for others?”, And this statement confirms move Khulaifi project, which the opposition says that it aims to “sabotage demographics” and genocide against shia “indigenous people. “

Speaking about al Wefaq, He said that “It will not cancel (Accord) in Bahrain, and if there were plans to change regime; we consider this an act of sabotage and it will not lead to any result.”

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