Despicable censorship – Facebook cuts off Bahrain, protects war criminals

SHAFAQNA – Facebook is at it again! Censorship those days has become social media daily bread … we are not amused. Not in the least.

fbSo that’s one for fascism it seems … or is it those days that truths have become too unpalatable that war criminals have to hire stooges to hide their dirty laundry, and in deceit make their beds?

If you hear frustration in my words it is because I am furious. To build an argument against fake news is one thing, to promote fascism is another … when will we learn that democracy implies freedom of expression – especially when we don’t like what the other is saying.

More importantly let’s not grand-stand on freedom by becoming the oppressor, cause you know THAT would be arrogant!

Bottom line is this: Facebook is acting a little social media tyrant trying to angle certain agendas and silence certain truths. Again no one is laughing.

So here are a few suggestions: what about we agree to actually report on world realities, even if it means outing those regimes that have the most money and oil to throw around?

What about we learn to respect those principles we claim for ourselves but deny others on account they are perceived as lesser?

What about you learn to look upon the faces of all resistance fighters and learn to see your reflection should you have bene born on the wrong side of the fence? Resistance is an act of defiant liberation enacted in the rejection of tyranny.

This is where we stand! This is where we all should stand if we are in fact true to our human nature!

So now Facebook care to comment?

Those are the links that were censored:





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